Skydiving in India

Top 9 Places For Skydiving In India

So, which one is your top pick of the following skydives? Hold on your breath daredevils ’cause you could go skydiving in India now! Here are the top 9 places for skydiving in India:

  • Mysore – Karnataka
  • Deesa – Gujarat
  • Pondicherry – Tamil Nadu
  • Aamby Valley – Maharashtra
  • Dhana – Madhya Pradesh
  • Hyderabad – Telangana
  • Aligarh – Uttar Pradesh
  • Narnaul – Haryana 
  • Bir Billing – Himachal Pradesh

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Dr Sankalan Saha

An avid adventure enthusiast, IIMBian and a philanthropist who takes care of various clinical and administrative work at Dr. P. K Saha hospital, Coochbehar, where he is currently working as a director and inteventional cardiologist.

He has his unique collection of stamps, rare books and is often seen in the badminton court, pools and the TT rooms. A movie buff and a voracious book reader, he is a man of many talents.

Recently, he even had a skydiving experience at Beccles, UK and is planning to get a Level 1 certification in scuba, skiing and advanced mountaineering.

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